askeren-3January 5, 2014,by Betre Yacob

A mass grave has been discovered in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, containing at least 6 bodies of young men, who may have been executed in the past few years. Continue reading


The New Proclamation gives absolute power for NISS


Proclamation No. ——– /2013



WHERE AS it has become necessary to strengthen the National Intelligence and Security Service so as to protect and defend the sovereignty of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the constitution and constitutional order; WHEREAS it has become essential to determine the power, duties and accountability of the National Intelligence and Security Service to promote the peace, development, democracy and good governance in the country; WHEREAS it has become necessary to build a modern and strong National Intelligence and Security Service that is loyal and resilient to the constitution and constitutional order of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and conscious of the national and international objective situations; NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with sub-articles (1) and (7) of Article 55 of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows: Continue reading

UN panel: Eskinder Nega jailing violates international law

Tom Rhodes/CPJ East Africa Consultant

Authorities in Ethiopia describe Eskinder Nega, a prominent columnist and government critic jailed since September 2011 on vague terrorism charges, as a dangerous individual bent on violent revolution.

However, in an opinion handed down in 2012–publicized only this week by Washington, D.C.-based legal advocacy group Freedom Now–a United Nations panel of five independent experts ruled that Eskinder’s imprisonment came “as a result of his peaceful exercise of the right to freedom of expression.” Continue reading

Ethiopia ready to censor, crackdown on Internet, radio and TV

Ethiopia mapADDIS ABABA: Worries are abounding in Ethiopia that the government is preparing to pass new legislation that would censor almost all forms of media, both traditional and new.

The new draft law is reportedly being prepared by a steering committee constituting the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority, Ethiopian Ministry of Communications & Information Technology and Information Network Security Agency. Continue reading

In Aid to Ethiopia, a Costly Trade-Off

A Community consultation on a draft peace accord in Hudet, Somali Region, Ethiopia. Photo Credit: Mercy Corps

The dividing line between developmental assistance and aid that is intended to strengthen human rights and democratic governance is an obscure boundary, yet it has considerable moral and strategic significance. Donor countries must weigh a variety of factors—including security and economic questions and the geopolitical role of the beneficiary country—that often leave democracy and human rights goals on the back burner. Such a ranking of priorities has an immediate negative effect on the ground, and it ultimately represents a costly trade-off in which long-term interests are exchanged for short-term gains. Continue reading