ESAT News: Over 3000 evictees remain unsheltered

Ethiopia: The unexplained cruelty of Africa’s emaciated Fuhrer

The land is open air and all of the evictees are living unsheltered. According to the residents of the City, the evictees are suffering from the scorching sun in the daytime and chill in the night.
The majority of the homeless are mothers and children. The evictees are reportedly baking and eating the meager flour they brought along with them from Benishangul. No official has so far spoken to the evictees.

It is to be recalled that ESAT reported that fifty nine people had reportedly died after a lorry that was transporting 60 people of the Amhara ethnic origin and evicted from the BeniShangul Gumz Region crashed into Jedesa River in Tekesha District of Ethiopia on March 24, 2013. ESAT also reported yesterday that two children have died of asphyxiation while being transported.


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