The objective of this website

This website is dedicated to promote justice, freedom, democracy as well as basic political, civic and private rights of individuals through accessing accurate and reliable information to the Ethiopian people. And it also fights injustice, unfairness, unequal distribution of resources, evicting individuals and communities from their business, farming lands and livelihood where they are settled down for years based on their ethnicity and the name of development. The Ethiopian people in the country are manipulated by false information through state owned media outlets such as Ethiopian Television, radios, newspapers and websites, and other regime’s affiliated private news outlets.

Alternative news outlets are not welcomed fearing exposure of human right violations, corruptions, acts of injustice and unfairness and lack of transparency, etc that are done  in the regime’s structures.

Alternative free Medias are blocked, controlled, filtered using the new press law, anti-terrorism law and TPLF owned Telecommunication Corporation. Different ideas, opinions and views are considered as ghost fearing the exposure of human right violations, extreme corruptions, act of injustice and unfairness, special economic privileges.

Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost” Thomas Jefferson.