Two evictee children from Benishangul die of asphyxiation

benTwo children among a score of people of the Amhara ethnic origin, who have been evicted from the Benishangul Region and were being transported to Amhara Region, died due to asphyxiation today, a source in the Region told ESAT.

Residents also said to ESAT that the mother of the deceased children was unable to properly bury her children, “They were simply thrown into the desert” they stated. It was reported that another child was saved as she received prompt medical aid.

According to our source that follows the situation closely, around six ISUZU Lorries have each transported 70-80 people to the Amhara Region today. The source also stated that two evicted farmers have been found slaughtered.

It is to be recalled that ESAT reported that fifty nine people had reportedly died after a lorry that was transporting 60 people of the Amhara ethnic origin and evicted from the BeniShangul Gumz Region crashed into Jedesa River in Tekesha District of Ethiopia on March 24, 2013.

It has been learnt that representatives from the Amhara Region have began talks with officials of the Benishangul Region about the matter.


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