BREAKING NEWS: Federal police demanded 3,000 Birr to release the body of a 7 year old boy Horn Times breaking news Jan 4 2013, by Getahune Bekele

As the extremely brutal ruling minority junta of Ethiopia continue with its policy of using disproportionate force against the peaceable Muslims of the nation who are simply demanding freedom of worship;

The gruesome picture of the murdered 7 year old boy, Kiya.

Once again, the federal police brutally shot dead a young boy named Kiya, 7, on Friday 4 January 2013 in the eastern city of Harrer during a demonstration and refused to release the body unless the family fork out 3,000 Birr.

The boy’s destitute single mother who was also shot several times is currently fighting for her life, doctors in the city’s main hospital said.

The little boy was denied the right to be buried even after the grieving community of Harrer, in anguish and perplexity, raised the money at 3pm on Friday.

The much feared federal police boss Workeneh Gebeyhu is known for ordering the killing of kids who join anti government rallies in order to demoralize and terrorize parents and neighboring families, an evil tactic used by the TPLF for the past 21 years.

“Isn’t this the epitome of barbaric cruelty laid bare? They killed the baby boy to take away our self esteem, to immerse as in sorrow. But PM Hailemariam Desalegn and Workneh Gebeyhu got it all wrong. We will never surrender.” A Muslim protester told reporters on the scene.

Furthermore, another reliable but as yet uncorroborated source told the Horn Times from the historic city of Harrer that a Christian man was killed and several others wounded by sniper fired from nearby roof tops  but TPLF cadres tried to incite violence between Christians and Muslims by disseminating a false rumor that the man was killed by Muslim terrorists.

“Ours was just a peaceful march not insurgency. We were not subverting Ethiopia. There are no terrorists in our land except Tigre People Liberation Front members and supporters.” An elderly Muslim man said.

In related news the Ethiopian National Transition Council strongly condemned the killing of the 7 year old boy and called on authorities to bring the murderers to book with no delay.

Sending its deepest condolences to the family of the deceased, whom it described as martyr, in strongly worded statement, the transitional council urged opposition parties and civic organizations to push for the creation of an independent body to investigate the inhuman and barbaric act of the ruling junta.


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