Over 40 killed in army infighting

(ESAT NewEthio-ertirea tension) Dec. 30–Over 40 members of the Ethiopia’s defense forces deployed in Bore front, Afar region, were reportedly killed in deadly clashes that erupted among divided soldiers. ESAT’s defense sources said that the infighting started Tuesday night in a place called Ali Funi, Manda.

According to the well-informed sources, the infighting between the two factions continued until Wednesday. So many residents of Manda who mistook the infighting for a resumption of fighting between Ethiopia and Eritrea fled their homes. Eyewitnesses told ESAT that senior military officials flew to the area in helicopters tried to stop the infighting.

Information obtained from Manda hospital indicated that over 40 soldiers were killed and 39 others were injured during the fighting. Some of the seriously injured soldiers and officers were transported to Mekele for treatment, it was learned.

The cause of the fighting between the two factions is still not clear. But some allege that the fighting started between divided TPLF military officers while others are say that the infighting was between domineering TPLF members and other Ethiopians in the army who feel being discriminated against.

The Bure front is under the command of Saere Mekonnen, the Commander of the Northern Front Command.. Tension is still high in the area despite efforts to defuse the explosive situation, ESAT sources said.


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