Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Desalegn on Al Jazeera

Hailemaria Desalegn on AljezeeraWe have been told that newly Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn will continue the legacy of Ex. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi without adding or reducing his policy. The policy of violating the rule of law or their constitutions, divide and rule, evicting farmers from their farming land, removing urban dwellers from their homes and properties, spreading hatred among communities, terrorizing its own citizens, interfering on religious affairs, lying and misleading its own people, blocking web sites, blogs and information, jamming radio and televisions, enacting different restrictive laws and regulations, intimidations, imprisonments, torturing and killings, etc.

Hailemariam Desalegn also tried to deceive us and other listeners by saying we have not interfered in to the religious affair, and Muslims against Ahbash are minorities. What a lie? And a lot more lies… He also explained why he would be willing to talk to the Eritrean president. He also discusses his plans to move Ethiopia and the region forward.

He has trained and inherited very well how to lie and deceive the listeners, and of course he becomes the successful result of Bereket Simon. He said that he has no any political prisoners in the notorious prisons throughout the country but the ones who languished are the terrorists that have trespassed the rule of law.

The freedom fighters who seek justice, democratic and human rights are considered as terrorists. Different restrictive laws have been enacted to curb freedom of press and speech. Prime Minister Hailemariam boasted to create his legacy by eradicating poverty and lifting the poor up to middle class level by the year of 2015.

The elimination of poverty cannot be realized without the full participation of all Ethiopian in and outside the country. The people of Ethiopia are suffering unfair distribution of economic resources and political justice. The opposition political parties are calling for reconciliation to build the country together but the regime is ignoring this serious matter as if there are no nay concerns.

Haielemariam Desalegn had an interview with Aljezeera Television this week on different issues in Ethiopia. Watch the interview below:


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