Ethiopia, a nation that was never colonized

Ethiopia, a nation that was never colonizedby Morena

I have deep resentment for black people. Someone would rightly ask me, “but aren’t you black?” Yes, I am black, but I still dislike a lot of black people. Primarily because of their general behaviour but also because there’s more of them than any other race in this country, so it wouldn’t be fair on other races. No, the latter is a lie.

I believe I have more of a right to dislike my own kind than anyone else, I’m one of them, I am them. What I do reflects on them, positively and negatively and what they do reflects on me too. If a black man goes out into the world and becomes a Kwame Nkrumah or a Patrice Lumumba, it reflects on me. It says, there’s hope after all for the previously disadvantaged and it makes me feel proud. Whereas, if a black man goes out into the world and becomes an Idi Amin or a Robert Mugabe, all I want to do is dig an abyss and jump into it.

Some would argue that it’s understandable for a black man to not amount to anything in life, because the whites had for centuries made sure that that was the case. Oppression, I acknowledge that, but I strongly believe it’s not reason enough for us to be down-trodden today. Take Ghana, for example. Ghana was given back its independence by Queen Elizabeth II in 1957, that’s 55 years ago, and in 2012 they look like the Ghana of old, if not worse.

Then you take Ethiopia, a nation that was never colonized, ever, but look at them today. Ethiopia is one of the most poverty-stricken and severely famine-stricken nations in the world and who’s to blame? The white man? What white man? Ghanaian, Zimbabwean, Sudanese and Ethiopian leaders among others are the reason those countries are as you see them today.

Greed, for power and money, notoriety so as to evoke fear and general elitism, that’s been at the root of Africa’s demise for eons of years.

We South Africans are no different, our leaders also have the African mentality, they’re just not born dictators like the rest, and I believe that’s only to appease the west. But if you look at the way the country is run, it speaks of an African descendancy. South Africa is no different from Ghana and Ethiopia, we are what I call “Africa’s cheeseboy”, economically stable (for now) but socially and politically we’re in tatters. It’s just not as evident because we have the money to paint a different picture.

There’s this thing about black/African people that will always be a major factor that hinders our progress and it’s the “I must be the first and the only” mentality. We always want to be the first to achieve success and be the only to do so, to hell with uplifting your fellow black people who didn’t get the opportunity to make it in life like you did. Then we wonder why Jews and Chinese are the most powerful in the world, they look out for each other, make sure that their kind don’t have it bad.

If we could adopt the Jewish approach, having successful black individuals who reinvest in the black community, Africa as a whole would be a world superpower. I mean with the resources we have, man power and intellectual capacity, we would never have to suffer the way we do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this continent, I love this country and I love my skin pigment. I wouldn’t trade being black, South African or African for anything, but we’re an ailing race. We’ve been ailing for centuries at the hands of the white people and now we’re at our wits end trying to empower ourselves what with the way our forefathers and people currently at the helm have been running the show. It’s a never-ending struggle.

Will we ever be better than what we are now? Its likely, but not for the next 50 to 100 years. That’s the harsh reality, but it doesn’t stop me being hopeful. After all,

“I am an African”

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