Top TPLF warlord Arkebe Oqubay made a daring escape

The Horn Times Breaking News August 21, 2012
by Getahune Bekele

Former Mayer of Addis Ababa and former deputy president of Tigraye republic, later appointed minister of works and urban development, Arkebe Oqubay(pictured) has disappeared over the weekend following his friend and ally Gen Samora Younice who sneaked out of Addis Ababa last week. Rumors are that both highly wanted war criminals are hiding in South Sudan capital, Juba.

With well-known TPLF rabble- rousers, the old curmudgeon Sibehat Nega and his loose cannon Tigray republic president Abbay Woldu openly threatening pro Zenawi warlords, the exodus is set to continue.

According to our well-placed sources, the two Eritreans, Newaye Gebreab, and Bereket Simeon will flee soon rather than hanging around and risk capture.

Although Zenawis’ death has been announced on Monday, it was already known by most warlords that the tyrant is finally gone.

Another warlord who also reported to be in Juba is TPLF cc member and former Holeta concentration camp commander, and later central state prison boss, Zeray Yehedego.

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