BREAKING NEWS: ETV Announced the Death of Ethiopian Dictator Meles Zenawi

Ecadforum News: Now Meles Zenawi is where he belongs–in hell and the missing pope, Meles Zenawi, who was missing in action is now confirmed dead and has joined Aba Gebremedhin in hell and both are burning in the lake of fire.

First and foremost, I congratulate ESAT for the professional excellence displayed by it in confirming and declaring the death of this tyrant whom, not only God, but even history will never forgive. I can see it with my spiritual eyes as Monster Zenawi and Gang Gebremedhin stand in front of God’s throne in judgement both at the same time.

What we are witnessing is the miracle of divine power in living color over our country. If anyone thinks this is a coincidence or chance, he or she better check if something is missing in his/her brain.

ESAT has shined once again and has earned the respect it deserves. It has truly become the light shining our path to freedom and democracy in Ethiopia by becoming the instrument of divine power via Abebe Gellaw. Through ESAT, God has shown us that God is God and man is man. Listen ETV announcement on the following video.

As you can see, God is doing his share. How about us?

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Meles Zenawi is dead

by Abebe Gellaw

ESAT’s decision to report that Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is dead, according to reliable sources, has never been easy.Further discourse on the Washington DC undressing Meles Zenawi It was two weeks ago that we received the news from highly credible sources in Brussels. Our sources that want to remain anonymous as they were not authorized to speak to the media on this sensitive matter told us that the International Crisis Group (ICG) concluded that Mr. Zenawi was deceased. Headquartered in Brussels, with offices around the world, ICG is the leading independent think tank on conflict prevention and resolution around the world. It was hard to ignore information from such a highly reputable international organization.

As a responsible media outlet, ESAT tried to investigate and verify the tip meticulously before it decided to broadcast the news. To be fair to the facts, we have also scrutinized the conflicting and contradictory information coming out from the ruling TPLF clique. We have examined not only the statements and stories put out for public consumption by the TPLF, but also their conducts that tell their own stories.

As Meles Zenawi’s 21-year tyrannical rule has surely come to a screeching halt, the TPLF proved to be a heap of mess without its chieftain. Ethiopia appeared to be leaderless and cheerless. In the absence of its head, the regime appeared to be decapitated, incapacitated, incoherent, disunited, disorganized and disoriented. This is typical of a one-man regime unlike institutionally sound democratic systems (like Ghana) that cannot be easily shaken by the death or absence of one man. Like an untrained ship crew with no captain in sight, the ruling elite seem to be at a loss for direction in the face of a gathering storm. Read more…


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