Free Ethiopian Armed Forces Movement expressed its solidarity with the struggle of the Ethiopian people in the country.and abroad for freedom and justice

(Ethsat news), August 6,2012
Free Ethiopia Armed Forces  movement , in its statement,  said the armed forces are deeply aware  of the Ethiopian people’s struggle in the country and abroad, and that  the armed forces  which  are  part of the people are  ready to struggle by alongside the people by organizing themselves underground.

Captain Efrem Teka , the spokesman  for the external section of  the movement,  in his interview with ESAT radio, said the Ethiopian military, police and security forces have been organizing themselves  clandestinly and  are preparing  to stand in defense  of  the Ethiopian people.

In the interview,  the spokesman    elaborated regarding the injustice, ethnic discrimination, domination, and preferential treatment that are rampant in the armed forces. The armed forces shall not willful tools of TPLF officials, rather stand with the Ethiopian people, he stated.

Due to the fact that the majority of the top officers are from one ethnic group makes our struggle challenging but we have devised a strategy to overcome it, Cap. Ephrem Teka, the spokesman of the movement added.


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