Rumors are circulating about the death of Meles Zenawi

By Kirubeal Bekele,    “Pride goes before destruction. And a haughty spirit before a fall”    Proverbs 16:18

Where is that pride and haughty spirit that we usually see in Meles Zenawi’s eyes? Can you see that fear and terror in his eyes on the latest picture? Thanks to almighty God who once again put his words into action using Zenawi as a classical demonstration of his eternal word. God told Zenawi that He is patient but not absent. I hope the rest of the TPLF gang is listening.

There is a rumor circulating around about the death of Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi. No one is able to independently verify this rumor yet. We will wait until we get confirmation from our ESAT and other reliable network media.

In the meantime, things are changing quickly in Ethiopia. There is no doubt that the Weyane ruling junta is confused and in panic. Furthermore, it is certain that a red hot power struggle may be in full swing already within the TPLF big wigs sitting on the top. Some of whom may be Bereket, Samora, Berhane, Sibhat, Abbay, Arkebe, and even Azeb and others. Nobody knows what the outcome will be.

My suspicion is the weyane ruling junta is not an ordinary and stupid bunch to allow itself in an internal fight that will make it more vulnerable to an immediate fall. They know how unpopular they are to afford this form of infighting. My take is that they may temporarily stick to each other like glue despite their personal ambitions to grab power.

They have done this before and there is no reason why they don’t do it now. They will again do anything to survive this chaos and if possible resist any uprising from the Ethiopian people. It is true that they are in panic and considerably weakened. But they still have a chance to survive together until they can afford to start to wage the power struggle within.

So again, the decisive factor to overpower TPLF now must come from the outside which includes the democratic opposition both in the country and abroad including students, Muslims, Christians, workers, soldiers and others. The first step is a United Front of all opposition forces now as David Steinman articulated brilliantly in his article today. Such a united front should be formed within weeks as soon as possible.

Most probably the opposition forces do not have the luxury and the time to debate and negotiate for a long time. Events have already surpassed them. The only choice they have is to catch it and figure out things as they go before this another life time opportunity expires.

The slogan of the day is: A Single National United Front now!

Source: Ecadforum


One thought on “Rumors are circulating about the death of Meles Zenawi

  1. I have read your article about wishing Meles death. This cannot help Ethiopia. Meles is an individual person helping the worlds poor country to grow and develope. I will never accept his death. He will survive and return back to health soon. God will help Ethiopians on this. Politics and Meles death will not match. For you also peace and democracy may help otherwise you are not thinking for Ethiopia. 100% Ethiopians with in the country wish Meles to returne back to health and rule ethiopia for next 3 years. We all wish Meles to retern back to power soon. You will be surprized after his recovery. God helps Ethiopia not individual politicans that target power only rather than the country. I personally never involved in politics but I suport Meles. Please do not think that Ethiopians cannot understand,, every body now is civilized and have info for all so you have to becareful before disseminating such false and non tangible information. God Bless Ethiopia, God Recover Meles

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