Ethiopia: Waldiba Monks Accuse Government of Coercion

6 July 2012 [ESAT]
The five recently incarcerated monks from Waldiba Monastery are being coerced to take responsibility for the slew of heavy construction equipments destroyed at the site of the controversial Sugar plantation.

According to a report published by the Ethiopian Orthodox Blog DejeSelam, the five monks hauled from their monastery a government sweep are currently being kept in a tin walled cell at Adirkay Locality Police Station.

The monks are taken from Waldiba Sekuar Kidanmeheret Monastery which is administratively in the Amhara Regional state. However they monks are in prison in the North Western Tigray Region and this has become a point of contention between the officials of the two localities.

The five monks are accused of incite the public for opposition and discussing the project with foreign media. The five monks are currently being pressured by government officials to take full responsibility for the recent incident of burnt construction equipment and injured construction workers at the sugar plantations site.

DejeSelam has also reported that the resistance to the sugar plantation is far from over and there are reports of resistance and opposition coming from many corners of the region.


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