Ethiopia: Ethnic Conflict in Borena Zone, 40 Reportedly Killed

7 July 2012 [ESAT]
Out of control conflict between rival clans of Gebras and Borenas in the Borena Zone of Arero locality is said to have resulted the death of many clan members. Residents of the area that our reporter have talked to have expressed their fear that the scope and coverage of the conflict is growing and if it is not resolved the soonest time possible, it could result in many loss of innocent lives. No federal intervention is reported as of yesterday.

The residents say excluding the toll of the last two days, up to 21 clan members from Gebra and 19 from Borena have lost their lives. The conflict has reached Sululta Locality of Yabelo by yesterday.

The two Oromo clans have always lived in peace and harmony until EPRDF instituted ethnic politics and planted the seed of suspicion among neighbouring communities. Several months back ESAT has reported a conflict between the Somali tribes of Geri and the Oromo Borenas that have resulted in huge loss of life.

There are growing number of ethnic strife and increasing tension among ethnic groups in many regions of Ethiopia. Any of the conflicts in Borena zone are believed to be related to sharing of dwindling resources like grazing land and water.

Source: Ethsat News


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