and Joined the Long List of Blocked Websites in Ethiopia

[ESAT] Websites of the International Monetary Fund and the Economist magazine have recently joined the long list of blocked websites in Ethiopia. Sources inside of Ethiopia say the IMF’s official website and the Economist magazine’s website are no longer accessible since two days ago.

IMF has recently stated that the Ethiopian government’s claim of 11% economic growth is unrealistic; instead the organization offered what commentators believed is a much modest growth forecast figure of 5% for the current fiscal year.Observers say the Ethiopian government didn’t appreciated IMF’s forecast figure. According to these observers, this has been a point of departure during last week’s visit to Addis Ababa of IMF officials.

There is no conclusive evidence to allude IMF’s website blockade to this difference. However observers say they believe the Ethiopian government wouldn’t take IMF’s figures lightly. Meles Zenawi often calls IMF’s figures and the organizations economic wisdom as the last word to make his economic case.The other website that joined the tally of several websites inside of Ethiopia is the website of The Economist magazine. The Economist magazine has recently written critical articles on the state of Ethiopian political economy.
Informed sources believe these critical articles published on the magazine and widely available on the website have precipitated this blockade. Websites of CPJ, HRW, VOA News, and other 150 websites and blogs are currently inaccessible in Ethiopia.

Source: AwrambaTimes

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